man on a stick

Man on a stick metal and walnut wood sculpture 2023 40x40x70 cm

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Cent,  metal and walnut wood sculpture

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Sisyphos wooden sculpture 

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Wom is a stainless steel sculpture, which has a special texture.

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Stick is a sculpture which I tried several techniques for the first time. I used wood, stainless steel and copper.

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Golden Horny

Golden horny is a sculpture made out of stainless steel sheets. Thanks to its welding technique it stands on edge and merely touches its stand, which provokes the feeling of uncertainty and stability at the same time. 2021 Stainless steel,  Brass, Iron

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ııı  Demir Heykel / Iron Sculpture heykel demir plakaların kesilip kaynaklanması ile yapıldı. the sculpture made from welded iron plates.   2021  


Metal heykel Metal sculpture Notos Kaş projesinde yer alan yazlık konuta yerleştirildi / It was placed in a summer residence in the Notos Kaş project. -Sculpture